A laser rangefinder for professional applications and your everyday measuring needs. At only 65g (2.25oz), the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the portable, convenient and efficient solution to traditional measuring methods.

Whether you’re buying a new couch for your home or you work in construction, real estate, interior design, or AR app development, the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the ultimate handy tool for quick measurements on the go. You can even use it alone as a laser distance rangefinder or take a picture and measure later. 

The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the optical laser measuring tool designed to make lives easier for those who need handy and quickly measure item with smart phone. This is a user-friendly, without compromising on functionalities, design or accuracy product.  

Also, it is the world’s first laser range finder pairing with your smartphone camera to measure the distance, line and dimension, pluses the 3-axis measurement (height, width, and length) of any object in one photo shot.  It is so powerful to make measuring job done faster and without any hassle.

Three easy steps to work

  1. AIM: Turn on the App and simply attach the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro on the back of your smartphone. Aim the phone camera at the horizontal ground near the object you want to measure.
  2. Shoot: Take a photo using your smartphone camera.
  3. Size: The photo you took contains all measurements data. Adjust the 3-axis points manually with your fingertips to measure the object you want.
iPin Spatial Pro Device Uses

Technical Specifications


Size 80.3 x 48.3 x 29.9 (mm)
Weight 80 g
Laser output < 1 mW; Class II
Laser wavelength Typ. 635 nm; Red light
Operating system required Apple iOS 10.0 and later; Android OS 7.0 and later
Battery 300 mAH
Display OLED
Smartphone connection Bluetooth LE 4.2
Distance measurement Up to 40 meters (± 3 mm)
Operation mode
  • Use it alone
  • Connect to smart-phone
App features
  • Distance
  • Length
  • Dimension
  • 3-axis measurement
  • Data-photo recording
  • Re-measurement

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro demonstrates a breakthrough in laser rangefinder technology. Replacing traditional methods for a more user-friendly approach, this powerful product combines point-to-point, plane and three-axis measurements in one device to satisfy day-to-day measuring needs and professional applications.

The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is designed to be simpler and more durable than conventional handheld laser rangefinders. Its compact size and ergonomic design allow for more stable and accurate measurements. Equipped with a large OLED panel for clear displays, the device also uses an amber red laser that is safe and more visible. When connected to our exclusive iPin Ruler Pro App, the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro helps you to intelligently capture any dimension and obtain measurements with a single touch.

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro - Watch Video

Why we developed it?

It was first developed to resolve the “inconveniences” in the measurement with traditional practice.

In the traditional and time consuming process of measuring, you would need a tape measure, ladder, camera, paper records, and moving around in the space.  With smartphone camera and iPin Spatial Ruler Pro together, you are free from moving point to point repeatedly as in the traditional measuring process. You don’t need to climb up a ladder or kneel down to touch the ground just to get some data.

Moreover, iPin Spatial Ruler Pro App uses phone camera to take photo and saves the measuring data with the image in the phone.

So, you can re-measure any part of that photo with fingertips whenever needed.

Laser Distance Measuring through iPin Spatial Ruler


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