iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is a laser rangefinder for professional applications and your everyday measuring needs. At only 65g (2.25oz), the iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is the portable, convenient and efficient solution to traditional measuring methods. You no longer need to rummage through your toolbox to find tools or climb around dangerous construction sites to get accurate measurements.

The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro is designed to be simpler and more durable than conventional handheld laser rangefinders. Its compact size and ergonomic design allow for more stable and accurate measurements. Equipped with a large OLED panel for clear displays, the device also uses an amber red laser that is safe and more visible.

iPin Spatial Ruler Pro’s intuitive and user-friendly design places the laser output and the display panel on the same surface, making it easier to read data during measurement. Connect the device with the exclusive iPin Ruler Pro App for a wide range of extended functions, such as point-to-point, plane, and 3-axis measurements, area-data calculation, photo-data sharing and more. The iPin Spatial Ruler Pro helps you to intelligently capture any dimension, and obtain measurements with a single touch.

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