Electric Motor Checker - EMC-22

Electric Motor Checker – EMC – 22 is test equipment that is used for detecting an electric fault in a motor. Electric Motor Checker – EMC – 22 is a portable diagnostic tool for Electrical Engineer & it is used for quick on-site test of a three-phase machine. A reduction in machine performance, such as tripping of overload, such fault is detected immediately by EMC – 22. The EMC – 22 can be also be utilized to check the quality and condition of motor which have been in storage before they are installed. The equipment has three separate modes to measure different types of faults like fully insulation, open circuit/loose connections, short circuit and rotor defects.

Electric Motor Checker – EMC – 22 should be never used on running motor. To ensure this, the supply input of the motor should be cut off prior to starting the test. It is not mandatory to remove input cables. You can do it just by switching off the input power supply.

Features of Electric Motor Checker – EMC – 22 :
1. Insulation Resistance Measurement
2. Identifying open & short circuits /loose connections in a winding.
3. Identify intertern shorts.
4. Detect rotor bar problems without dismounting the rotor
5. Indicates blow holes or crack in the rotor bars with respect to different position for the rotor
6. Easy operation, accurate & quick assessment of motor condition.

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